Our rich farmland provides the perfect growing conditions for producing the finest fruits and vegetables

Our mission is to enlighten young ladies to embrace farming regardless of their stature in society.

Slay Farmers Network

Slay Farmers Network is a network of young women who are passionate about agriculture and its related and are ready and committed to making the necessary change. Sending a big message that, you can be a youthful woman and be actively involved in agriculture, own a farm and practice farming. We want to make Agriculture Sexy.

“My message to Sierra Leoneans especially young ladies is that farming is not only for old or poor people. If we want to fight poverty and hunger and achieve food security, agriculture is the only way. You go to the farm, I go to farm You can be a lawyer, doctor, accountant, banker etc and still be a farmer. “And who says you can’t be a farmer and still slay??” I am open to research and consultation on extension work, women in agriculture and farmers. 

Produce quality etcetera as related to Agriculture, on a short term contractual/consultancy basis. And open to teaching and directing Young girls wanting to go into farming."

CEO and Founder Rugiatu Favour Kanu

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